Top Trends to Lookout for in 2021

Top Trends to Lookout for in 2021

A quarter down, three more to go in 2021 - People are hopeful about the lifting of lockdown restrictions by the next quarter; if the data supports it. This could mean that socializing will no longer be limited to virtual spaces and we will be able to go back to life before the pandemic (with precautions, of course). Meanwhile, if the stay at home routine has bogged down your fashion inspiration for the year 2021, let us walk you through the top trends in fashion to lookout for.

1. Breathy Maxi Dresses - It's the much needed choice after a year of indoor-living. These stunning dresses have a free-flow style to let your body breathe and dance as the air flows by. Own the breezy look which is in trend for the spring of 2021. Shop Babicoco's collections of gorgeous maxi dresses online here.

Breathy Maxi Dresses

2. The B&W Affair - Monochromes are very much in trend this year and you can find them styled in your favourite choice of clothing - from elegant evening dresses to nerdy co-ords. One of the reasons we love the monochromatic factor - they remain classic and timeless. We're confident that these designs can still make headlines a decade later.

The B&W Affair

3. Capes & Nets - Neither we're talking about superhero capes nor the fishnet stockings. Rather, you're in for a treat with chic cape styled dresses and co-ords to flaunt the diva in you. Also, we're digging the trends for layered nets in dresses that appear mystic to the senses.

Capes & Nets

4. Baggy Trousers - Speaking of breathable fashion in 2021, it's no surprise that wide strides are in trend for the spring look. So, if you go shopping online for cool bottom wears, you know you've got to add a pair or two of baggy elegance to your wardrobe for the year.

Baggy Trousers

5. Timeless Sequins - Yes, they are making trends this year as well. So, if you're planning on a head-turning moment the next time you get to step out, purchasing a stunning sequin styled gown could very well be your outfit of choice. Here's our collection of sequin gowns for some inspiration.

Timeless Sequins

To sum it up, we can see a lot of patterned designs making it to your colourful closet. So, keep shopping the new trends and styles till better times are upon us. Also, do tell us your favourite trend for 2021 and we'll keep adding new designs to our collections at Babicoco.