Top Three Signs That Scream for a Wardrobe Makeover!

Top Three Signs That Scream for a Wardrobe Makeover!

Call it strange luck, 2020 taught us to prioritize necessity over luxury. We obsessed more about stocking up on toilet paper than to get our wardrobes new makeovers! Who needed to dress up anymore anyway? But as things slowly move back to its normal order, the need to shop beyond necessity have started taking over. 

Now that you have more places to visit than to stay at home all the time, the struggle to find new clothes is real. Especially when you still can't decide if you really need to get yourself on a shopping spree or is it just the mirage of retail therapy calling on to you.

Fret not, we have been there and we can help you solve this dilemma. Without further ado, let's talk about some of the tell-tale signs of when you are in actual need of shopping for a whole new (or partial) wardrobe -

1. You Wore The Same Dress(s) Last Summer:

You Wore The Same Dress(s) Last SummerThere are clothes we buy on impulse and then there are clothes we love wearing on repeat. But have you been choosing from the same set of clothes for far too long? Maybe, it's time to reorganise and get new outfits for your wardrobe. If you're still not sure about it, then go through your closet and try to find at least two dresses which still feels new. Can't find any? Check out Babicoco's new collection to choose your new outfits from.

2. Your Style Don't Match The Trends Anymore:

Your Style Don't Match The Trends AnymoreWe live in crazy times; trends change faster than the speed of your wi-fi. Okay, that's a lie. We're not implying that you need a whole makeover every-time new trends hit the store. But if the '10 year challenge' on Instagram revealed you wearing the same clothes over and over, then maybe it's really time to switch it up a little. Perhaps, you want to see what's new in pastels? Check out our fresh arrivals here.

3. Dressing Up Doesn't Excite You Like Before:

It's no secret that ladies love to dress up. But there have been times when dressing up felt like a headache. This is particularly true when your heap of clothes no longer offers you any spectacular outfit to wear. Relatable? Start shopping for new dresses right away!

There you have it, our top three signs that tell you when you're in an urgent need of wardrobe makeover. Be it evening dresses or floral prints for your lunch dates, we bet you can take a look around at our Babicoco store to find out some new add-ons for your wardrobe. Happy Shopping!