The 5 Best Investment Pieces In Your Wardrobe

The 5 Best Investment Pieces In Your Wardrobe

Let’s agree to one thing - women won’t stop shopping for clothes and accessories anytime soon. And there are some really great options to invest in which won’t go wrong no matter the time or occasion. In this blog, we’ll be digging into our five best chosen essentials which can quickly become the most picked-out items from your closet -

Tops - Aren’t they a versatile clothing option? Easy to select and effortless to put together, tops are an all-time favourite apparel to add on to your outfit. We recommend having a couple of varied neck styles including round, V-shaped and boat in your tops collection. They can be perfect for casual outdoors and small parties, and also serve as an ideal office-wear with the right pairing and accessories.


Hoop earrings - We feel that no outfit is really complete without a statement piece of jewellery. And a pair of hoop earrings are a classic accessory to have in your wardrobe. Styling your outfit with them can really transform you into an elegant diva. Versatile in nature, hoop earrings go perfectly with your office looks, dinner parties and even day-outs with your friends.

Hoop earrings

Necklace - From vintage oxidised pieces to minimal contemporary designs, necklaces are an essential addition to your wardrobe, especially for those occasions where you put in a little more effort to look your best.


Party Dresses - Nobody wants to end up in a formal event looking plain. A couple of stunning party-wears are must-haves in your wardrobe to fall back on special occasions. When shopping online for party dresses, choose from sequin patterned dresses, maxi slit dresses and those with pretty laces and off-shoulder sleeves. These are to only name a few of the kinds, but they can truly simplify your dressing up for special occasions.

Party Dresses

Casual Dresses - Next in our list is a nice collection of pretty casual dresses which serves you well on multiple occasions. Think floral patterns, breezy halter neck dresses to add to your wardrobe. The best thing about casual dresses are they can be perfect for beach parties, casual outing, office meetings and more. You can also select dresses with ruffle sleeves for that added oomph.

Casual Dresses

Looking for some essential pieces of clothes or jewellery to purchase? Check out Babicoco’s fresh range of collections and shop online for those worthy pair of fashion investments. Trust us, your wardrobe will love you for it.