How To Keep Your Online Shopping Experience Safe And Secure?

How To Keep Your Online Shopping Experience Safe And Secure?

The joys of online shopping are many. From adding to cart to getting things delivered to your doorstep surely feels great. But do you sometimes think of the dangers of online frauds and horrible shopping experiences that coexists in the same online dimension we shop our stuff from? We do too, and this is why we have gone the extra mile to ensure that your shopping experience from Babicoco stays safe always.

But we know our customers explore other sites too and we want to make sure that you keep your guards up at all times. Here's what we recommend to keep your shopping experience safe and secure online -

1. Make Sure You're Entering A Secured Website:

Always look at the URL bar on top to check if the website is secured or not. The quickest way is to find the 'S' in HTTPS. Besides, they should have a padlock to indicate it's secured.

Make Sure You're Entering A Secured Website

2. Never Make Transactions On Public / Unsecured Wi-Fi:

Free wi-fi in public spaces are great but not to make online transactions. Unless it is your home/work connection or you are absolutely sure of the wi-fi connection you're using outside of home, it's wise to hold on to your transactions till you get back home.

3. Read Before Giving Away Personal Information:

Most shopping websites ask for personal details to authenticate your transaction. This includes - your name, date of birth, address, card details, etc. But if you find them asking too many personal information unlike other shopping sites, then it could be risky. In such a case, read the details available on website, cross-check authenticity by looking at third-party reviews, if any. Or better, ditch the site altogether and look for other options online.

4. Research On The Reviews:

Even if a website passes the security checks, there's a risk of receiving faulty items. Reviews are great referrals but you'll also find a lot of paid reviews online to cloud your judgment. Our tip - Look for reviews with 3 stars. They are more likely to be genuine ones as they reveal both the pros and cons of using the product.

Research On The Reviews

5. Follow The Size-Guide And Return Policy:

If you're shopping for clothes online, there's also a risk of getting the size wrong. It helps to follow a size chart if they have one attached with the product. Also, ensure that there is a return policy with your purchase.

These are some of the most efficient methods to ensure you're entering into a secured shopping experience online. Some other pro-tips to follow are - keep changing your passwords at regular intervals, go for smaller purchases in new sites to check authenticity, have a chat with customer support in case you find delays in shipment, and so on.

We hope you found them useful. The next time you shop online, keep your guards up and 'add to cart' safely to complete your shopping therapy!