Five Coat Trends for the 2021 Autumn Season

Five Coat Trends for the 2021 Autumn Season

The season of cozy fashion and hot cocoas is almost here. It’s the time your wardrobe makes room for warm fuzzy styles, where you get to flaunt your coat collection. If you’re like most of us who love a good fall look, you’ll probably want to try out what’s in trend for the season. So, before you go shopping online for winter coats in 2021, check out some of our hand-picked coat trends from the fashion world surrounding us -

Textured Coats: In our opinion, tweeds make the best material for textured coats. They have a stylish appeal with a sophisticated overall look. Perfect for formal wears and for evening events - textured coats adds on a charming persona to your autumn look.

Textured Coats

Belted blazer coats: Belts can transform any ordinary outfit into a fashion statement. It’s the same with belted blazers and they are a must-have collection in the fall season. Rock a business event in high heels with your belted blazer on - we call it, outstanding.

Belted blazer coats

Oversized trench coats: Let’s move on to a little casual and a lot more room for inside layers with an oversized trench coat. They are the perfect add-on to your fuzzy autumn days. Slip into your comfy turtleneck and shorts, layer it up with an oversized trench coat and you’re ready to head out that door. Don’t forget a pair of boots with this look.

Checkered Coats: Of all patterns, checkers are our favourite in coats. Be it a double-breasted design, a kimono jacket or a fancy wrap coat - they all blend well with checkered pattern coats. Go for the classic white & denim look or warm pastel shades to be layered with a nice checkered coat.

Checkered Coats

Puffer in Yellow: We’re being rather specific with this one. Puffer jackets in general are great choices for both autumn and winter looks. The cozy quilted build of a puffer lends you the extra warmth and style all in one. And while puffers look good in any colour; we feel yellow is the way to go.

Puffer in Yellow

Which one did you like the best? Let us know and go browse through Babicoco’s latest range of autumn wears here. And while you shop your favourite coat online, always remember to pick the right fit for your body. Especially if you’re going for a belted blazer or textured coats. Until next time, have a pleasant shopping experience at Babicoco.