5 Summer Shades To Include In Your Wardrobe

5 Summer Shades To Include In Your Wardrobe

The sunny weather outside can be pleasant to look at. But it certainly won’t feel nice if you dress up in darker shades with heavy patterns and stepped outdoors. This is the perfect time to hide your darker outfits and bring forward (or shop online) those pretty bright colours to add on to your wardrobe.

In this post, let us dive into five refreshing summer colours to dress in, that will make stepping outdoors a lot nicer in the sun.

1. Mustard Yellow - A shade of yellow might just be what you need on a gloomy day to perk you up. Styling your outfit in yellow can be a lot of fun when you bring in other great shades to the party! We recommend the following combinations to go for –

Mustard Yellow

  • Royal blue
  • Fuchsia
  • Brown

2. Baby pink - Go with the flow with a breezy baby pink shade. Whether you’re going for cigarette pants in baby pink or a crop top of that shade, make sure to add in the contrast with the following combinations that we swear by –

Baby pink

    • Sea green
    • Grey
    • Orange

3. Aqua - This amazing blue shade is an all-time favourite and reminds you of sunny beaches and good times. They also make great outfit choices, especially when you pair it up with the following shades –


    • Deep brown
    • White
    • Bubblegum pink

4. Beige - This sandy shade speaks of warmth and we can’t think of anybody who won’t look great in it. There are many ways to incorporate this softer shade into your summer wardrobe. Here’s our recommended combination of shades to pair it up with –


    • Maroon
    • Emerald green
    • Navy blue

5. Teal - We love any combination of outfit that has a hint of teal in it. This is a popular shade to style your outfit in - great for evenings too. Check out our chosen combination to pair it up with –


    • Off-white
    • Coral pink
    • Chocolate brown

While picking your summer outfit, remember to opt for breezy styles. Off-shoulders, crop tops and spaghetti tops are great choices to flaunt in the summer sun. Feel free to explore some amazing summer shades we have at our Babicoco store and shop online with us for your favourite look.